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Earth Animals is a business that was created for and dedicated to helping animals everywhere on planet Earth!  As a lifetime animal lover, I have always been involved with helping animals in need.  But on July 1, 2015 after Cecil the Lion was killed needlessly,  I decided that the world needed a store that was dedicated to animal welfare.  Almost every day I see fundraisers for animals across the world in need of help.  Although well-meaning, they always have to wait and depend on donations.

$5.00 of every sale goes directly to a separate fund that will always be there ready and waiting for an animal in need.   All of the designs below are printed on white 100% cotton preshrunk heavyweight tees.

Earth animals is not a charity, it is a business that sells apparel featuring wildlife designs for the direct purpose of helping these animals.  We are always looking to see where we can help.  We want to use the buying power of the whole world to help animals everywhere.  Thank you for your support, buy a shirt save a life!

LU001: Cecil Speaks
Cecil Speaks Tee
SKU LU001Price $25.00
This drawing was done from a photograph given to me from a very dear friend from South Africa. This photo was featured in a limited edition calendar “The Hwange Lion”. The photographer knew Cecil and had spent many years with him. This shirt also features Cecil’s poem. The poem was written in just minutes, and was never edited or changed. Enter Size and Style below.
LU002: Cecil's Question
Cecil's Question Tee
SKU LU002Price $25.00
This the original Cecil Cartoon that went viral all over the world. I received comments from so many people everywhere asking me to make this into a shirt, and so we have. This is the cartoon that started everything and the one that says we will never forget Cecil. Enter Size & Style below:
LU003: Cecil Thank you
Cecil's Thank you Tee
SKU LU003Price $25.00
Cecil thanking everyone for all they have done for him and the other animals in need since his passing. I wanted to let everyone know that if Cecil could speak he would thank everyone for all their tireless work on his behalf to end Trophy Hunting. Enter Size & Style below.
LU004: TWP'A
Twp'a Tee
SKU LU004Price $25.00
This design was created to help save the animals trapped in the Taiz Zoo in Yemen. A percentage of each sale will be sent directly to the Zoo to help and feed these animals until they can be rescued. Buy this shirt and help save their lives. Enter Size & Style below.
LU005: Cheetah
Cheetah Tee
SKU LU005Price $25.00
My population has decreased 30% in the last two decades. My habitat has shrunk more than 75%. I am not a Trophy. Once I'm gone, there's no bringing me back. Enter Size & Style below.
LU006: Sixpack 1
Sixpack 1 Tee
SKU LU006Price $25.00
Enter Size & Style below.
LU007: Sixpack 2
Sixpack 2 Tee
SKU LU007Price $25.00
Enter Size & Style below.
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