Bill Lunsford's Earth Animals

Earth Animals is a business that was created for and dedicated to helping animals everywhere on planet Earth!  As a lifetime animal lover, I have always been involved with helping animals in need.  But on July 1, 2015 after Cecil the Lion was killed needlessly,  I decided that the world needed a store that was dedicated to animal welfare.  Almost every day I see fundraisers for animals across the world in need of help.  Although well-meaning, they always have to wait and depend on donations.

$5.00 of every sale goes directly to a separate fund that will always be there ready and waiting for an animal in need.   All of the designs below are printed on white 100% cotton preshrunk heavyweight tees.

Earth animals is not a charity, it is a business that sells apparel featuring wildlife designs for the direct purpose of helping these animals.  We are always looking to see where we can help.  We want to use the buying power of the whole world to help animals everywhere.  Thank you for your support, buy a shirt save a life!

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