CA001: Largemouth Zombie Bass

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CA001: Largemouth Zombie Bass (Click On Thumbnail For Closeup)

Outside of New Orleans in an undisclosed swamp near Lake Pontchartrain there lies a pool surrounded by cypress and draped with Spanish moss. Dark, dank and stinking, and buzzing with flies, it sits in constant shadow, its surface still. But, if one looks closely, underneath the oily surface of the water ...something moves. At first you see their ghostly white eyes and then, perhaps their teeth. Woe to the occasional ignorant raccoon that stops by this pool for a drink or to wash its paws. The bottom of this pool is said to be littered with the bones of many beasts…. and men! Legend has it that some backwoods Creole fisherman sold a bad bass to the great Marie Laveu at the local fish market, causing her to spend Fat Tuesday locked in her outhouse. When she'd recovered, the voodoo priestess Laveu put a curse on that fisherman's favorite fishing spot for eternity and now the Largemouth Zombie Bass forever lurk beneath its waters!


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